This blog aims at explaining to developers and students the content of computer science papers and to provide them with a solid intuition as well as a working implementation from which they can then build up and reuse in their projects.


I found that computer science students and developer rarely read scientific paper and instead rely on outdated solutions found on forums and such. Moreover, the quality and maintainability of their implementation suffers from the lack of consistency between their different sources. My goal here is to break the wall between academia and industry by giving a clear, albeit short, introduction to the technologies presented in scientific papers.


On this blog, each post includes two parts: explanation and implementation. The former is mandatory to get a good grasp on what the latter does, so one can tune it to their particular needs. It’s also essential to limit the number of external references to avoid losing the reader (you) between concepts. Every implementation can be found as a standalone script, along with its list of dependencies, on a GitHub repository. Snippets are also included inside the article to help the reader ride along.